Get a world-class recruiting team — for a flat monthly rate.

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We partner with your growing company to quickly and effectively fill needed roles, while building the recruiting framework that scales as you grow. For a flat monthly rate, you get a dedicated recruiting team (DRT), where each member specializes in one of the five disciplines of hiring.


What We Do

Are you ready for a workforce of experts whose goal mission is to quickly and effectively fill needed roles?   

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Our Process

Want to know how we find you the very best talent without a crazy price tag?                                                          

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Simple, Transparent Pricing

We believe in partnering with our startup clients and aligning incentives; that’s why our pricing model is flat and simple.

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The Five Disciplines of Hiring

Recruit is the first company of its kind to leverage a distributed workforce of experts who excel at the five disciplines of hiring to quickly and effectively fill needed roles, while building the framework that will make recruiting the best people part of your culture’s DNA.


When we tried to manage recruiting ourselves, we found that only 1 in 10 candidates passed muster... that was a tremendous amount of time wasted on reviewing resumes and interviewing. Now, with Recruit's help, nearly every candidate we interview is a slam dunk. 

— Vanessa Kruze, CPA and Founder of Kruze Consulting