Aligned, Upfront and Easy.


Traditional recruiting firms

  • Charge on average 20% of the first year salary, per job, with many requiring a starting retainer. 
  • Most focus on executive, engineering or other high-paid positions to earn the highest commission.

Recruit's model

  • We partner with each client, requiring executive buy-in, so we can not only fill the open roles, but help build out best practices and support your company's unique hiring needs. 
  • We don't charge a finders fee for each candidate. Instead, you pay a flat fee, paid monthly, for up to 3 open roles. If you need more hours or more roles, we scale up and down based on your needs. 

In-house recruiter

At fast growing startups, the in-house recruiter often falls to the head of HR, the CEO or one of the founders. This is problematic since hiring the best people for the right roles is a full time job. 


recruit's model

Depending on your size, bandwidth, and team member's expertise, Recruit partners with your in-house team or recruiter to help scale out their efforts with a dedicated team of specialists. 

recruit's model 


Companies between 5 and 50 often start by growing just through their network. This natural first step hits rough patches as you begin to scale, making it vitally important to set up basic HR and recruiting best practices so you can continue to bring on amazing people.

Hiring the best people for the right roles can be one of your biggest competitive advantages. After we've done an audit of your systems, processes and people operations, we're happy to create a unique Recruiting Ecosystem that gives you a massive, evergreen advantage when hiring.

We focus on developing a Recruitment Ecosystem that expands as you grow, and scales with your company.


Recruit was founded by an entrepreneur who has hired over 500 people in her career and interviewed thousands more. She’s worked with Recruiting firms and internal HR departments and knew there must a better way for great companies to find the best talent. From her background in distributed workforces and operational leverage, she and the founding team came up with their 5 Disciplines of Hiring model.Maren believes in partnering with the companies that Recruit serves and aligning incentives, because of that our pricing model is flat and simple. 

Multiple Hires


Dedicated recruiting team, led by a seasoned strategist

A tailored recruiting funnel for each role

24/7 support for all hiring queries

Set up or optimize hiring process

Up to 2 open roles filled per month, each additional role is a flat fee**

Weekly reports, monthly alignment with team and review of hiring plan

Just One Hire


Dedicated recruiting team, led by a seasoned strategist

A tailored recruiting funnel for the role

24/7 support for all hiring queries

Guaranteed fill

*2-month commitment, then month-to-month, cancel at any time
**unlimited additional hires $1,000/ea.