Each client gets a distributed team of Specialists led by a seasoned recruiting Strategist. These teams consist of anywhere from 3 to 5 types of Specialists, and can ramp up and down, depending on the number of open roles. Because of this we're able to fill roles far faster than an in-house hiring manager, who is likely already slammed with their full time job. Our hours are super human as well, as your team will span all North American time zones, so your team can be working before you get up, and after you call it a day.


Our thorough process, paired with the relationship your recruiting Strategist develops with your company, gives us deep context into your culture, hiring needs and allows us to represent your brand in an authentic way to potential hires. Hiring is all we do. It's also what every person on our team is passionate about. Our laser focus on finding you the best candidates, paired with our ability to work extended hours and attack multiple hiring angles in tandem, makes us better equipped to hire the best people, for the right roles, every time. 


The average HR Manager's salary is $64,237 in the U.S. This balloons to $120k or more for cities like New York or San Francisco. Then add in the cost of benefits, taxes, vacation... you get the point. And to hire at scale, you'll need a Coordinator to help the HR Manager keep track of all the inbound and outbound applicants, not to mention eventually a full-time Recruiter. And external recruiting firms? 15-25% success fees per hire, is industry standard. 

Recruit gives your company it's own, dedicated, recruiting team for a flat monthly base with only a 5% success fee per hire.