The Process


How do we do it? Recruit utilizes the best-of-the-best to get to know your culture, design a real-world hiring strategy, and provide results fast. We’ll find you the best people for less than an in-house recruiter…and at a price far less than traditional recruiting firms!


Our Process

Deep-dive: This step involves understanding your company’s mission, current goals, culture and what your ideal candidate looks like for each open position. Deep dives are lead by The Strategist and attended by your team so we can accurately represent your company throughout the whole hiring process.

Strategy: Each role has a unique strategy depending on the current employment climate, demand for the role, experience required, and other factors. The Strategist and The Domain Expert meet to figure out the best combination of inbound and outbound recruiting, then make adjustments as they test it against the real world.

Build: We start out by implementing an ATS (applicant tracking system) or optimizing what you currently use. Next, we build out the framework that leads to finding the best person for the role. This includes:

  • Job description creation/optimization

  • Developing targeted written and phone screening questions (based on the role)

  • Building a scorecard for each role based on skills and competencies desired plus company’s core values and unique culture

Execute: Once a strategy is in place, our specialists get to work sourcing and filtering.

We utilize three ways to source — most companies make the mistake of overly relying on one — and diversify based on the role.

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Referrals

Filtering includes managing candidates through each step of the process, creating dossiers when passing on quality candidates to the in-house team for further interviews, and running back-channel reference checks when an offer is being considered.