The Essentials

The Essentials


There are three things that are essential to your startup’s ability to bring on the best people for the right roles: a hiring roadmap, an applicant tracking system and recruiting funnels tailored to each job’s specific needs. Most people don’t have the time or the expertise to do it right, but lucky for you—Recruit has your back! The Essentials gives your company a huge advantage with 5 deliverables to get you on the road to finding and hiring the best talent.

Get Started

Our Strategists work with your team to create the following, delivered within 7 business days of our initial call. We call this product The Essentials since it’s core to any company’s success in hiring the best people, for the right roles.

  • Hiring roadmap

  • Setting up and optimizing ATS

  • Job descriptions

  • Tailored interview questions

  • Standardized scorecards