We ❤️ Hiring


Recruit is the first company of its kind to leverage a distributed workforce of experts who excel at the five disciplines of hiring to quickly and effectively fill needed roles, while building the framework that will make recruiting the best people part of your culture’s DNA.  


The Five Disciplines of Hiring

  • The Strategist
  • The Domain Expert
  • The Interviewer
  • The Headhunter
  • The Coordinator

We believe hiring is part art and part science. Our Five Disciplines of Hiring are a result of decades of first-hand experience as well as studying the highest-performing teams and organizations.

When we work with a company, we approach it as a partnership. Each client is paired with their own dedicated team, led by a seasoned Recruiting Strategist,  who manages and hand-picks the other four specialists based on your company’s specific needs. 

Each specialist has been trained in and is passionate about their particular discipline. Since most of our team is geographically distributed, we are able to tap into the highest quality specialists who are experts finding, vetting, and closing the best candidates. Learn more about the traits and experience requirements that  go into each discipline here.